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Isn't it crazy to think that we're almost one month into 2021? I mean, where has the time gone...

I suppose it's crazier to think that I was naive enough to believe that the start of 2021 would magically reverse all of the problems that 2020 left us with. 'New Year, New Me' is a motivational turn of phrase, but 'New Year, No More Pandemic' evidently doesn't have the same effect. So far, 2021 has felt like the sequel to 2020 that literally no one asked for. It has been a month full of upset and uncertainty for many people, myself included. Despite this, it's important to reflect on the happier moments too - no matter how big or small they may be. Back in June 2020, I wrote a blog post in which I shared my 'monthly favourites.' Writing this post was so much fun and it helped me appreciate little moments that I'd usually take for granted. So, in an effort to boost my (and hopefully your) mood, here is a list of all the things I loved this January!


  • January gave me some much-needed time to rest and relax. I started university in September 2020, and since then I feel like I've constantly been on the go. On the 7th of January, my university announced its decision to delay the return to campus. Of course this news was gutting, but equally I've really enjoyed the chance to have some time to myself whilst making the most of home comforts.

  • Donald Trump is no longer President! The world is still a crazy place, but at least some sense of sanity has finally been restored in The White House.

  • I've officially signed for and secured my second year university house! I'm not moving in with my future housemates until later on this year, but just the thought of living in Cardiff with all of my friends is so exciting!

  • I've started my own digital magazine! This is something that I've been wanting to do for so long, and I'm so excited that it's becoming a reality. Volume One of 'The Sunbeam Zine' is coming soon... for more information follow me on Instagram: @thesunbeamzine


Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo (released 8th January 2021)

As soon as this song was released, it was all over my TikTok for you page and everyone seemed to be talking about it. I finally bought into the hype and decided to give this song a listen... and I love it! Olivia Rodrigo's debut single has filled the Lorde-shaped gap in my life with its raw lyrics and beautiful beats.

Chemtrails Over The Country Club by Lana Del Rey (released 11th January 2021)

Lana's new music has been highly anticipated, and she did not disappoint with her latest release. Chemtrails Over The Country Club is the title track of Lana's upcoming album, and it is everything I hoped it would be. With its poetic lyrics, haunting vocals and cinematic music video, this song encapsulates everything that I love most about Lana.

Tonight Tonight by Celeste (released 29th January)

Celeste released her debut album, 'Not Your Muse,' and it has been on repeat ever since. I love all of Celeste's music, but this song has to be one of my favourites from the album. It is upbeat, fun and very different compared to the rest of Celeste's music. It's a must listen!


Mushroom Risotto

In a desperate attempt to avoid boredom during lockdown 3.0, I set myself the challenge to eat a vegan diet for a week in January. It was surprisingly easy, and this was one of the best dinners I cooked during that week. I found the recipe for this amazingly creamy risotto on The Wallflower Kitchen. I made a big portion, and used the leftovers to stuff some red peppers with the following day. It's so delicious and it's good for you! What more could you want?

Rocky Roads

@foodatnumberforty is an Instagram account that I've been loving recently. Millie, the amazing chef behind this account, has recently been giving away her amazing baked goods outside of her house and asking for a donation for charity. I bought some sweet treats (pictured above) from her recently, and I've been craving Rocky Roads ever since I tried hers! I've since made my own a few times, using this recipe. They're so quick, easy and a delicious treat.


Back (Channel 4)

'Back' is Mitchell and Webb's latest endeavour - a brilliant sitcom written by the Emmy-winning Simon Blackwell. As an avid Peep Show fan, I thought I might as well give this series a go, and I'm so glad I did. It's such an easy watch, with an interesting plot and hilarious cast. It took me two days to finish, and it's definitely worth the watch.

The Trump Show (BBC)

The Trump Show is a BBC documentary which provides a fascinating insight into Donald Trump's presidency. It features people who were directly involved with the campaign, White House staff, and it is such an interesting watch.


Long walks

Considering that we're in a national lockdown, I'm finding it hard to fill my days. We are still allowed to leave the house to exercise or walk in your local area, however. So, I've found that long walks have been a game-changer this lockdown. Not only does this give me something to do, but it is also a great way to get some exercise and clear my mind.

Online Shopping

There's only so much walking a girl can do, so one of my other hobbies this lockdown has been online shopping. Whenever I get bored, I can't help but add some more clothes to my basket, even though I have literally nowhere to wear them to! It's an expensive habit, but at least it makes me happy!

This January was a strange month for everyone, so it was nice to take a moment to remember the things that I loved during this month. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my monthly favourites as much as I enjoyed revisiting them!


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